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Unlock Your Potential with Kirsty Chambers Coaching

Navigating the ever changing landscape of the phases of life we each experience isn't something we're taught to deal with.


Kirsty Chambers Coaching is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations reach their full potential through genuine partnerships, self-mastery, fun, and sustainable results.


Until we're truly connected with our sense of belonging, understanding how to navigate through the challenges life throws at us in a way that works with YOU, is the only way you can adjust to new ways of thinking and unlock your true potential. Because it's there, we just need help finding it at times. 

Book in an initial consultation today to learn more about how you can achieve your goals.


A bit about Kirsty

Understanding the purpose of your visit and adopting a warm, friendly, and sincere approach to our initial consult as my key priority. My experience being predominantly within the field of neurorehabilitation means I have a passion for the concept of rewiring our thoughts to achieve empowering behaviours. I have extensive experience as a social worker and further qualifications in counselling, coaching and specific assessment tools.

They say find something you love and then do THAT every day. This is where my coaching journey began and the reason why I now help people across Australia with their therapy needs. After overcoming some personal challenges I have made it my mission in life to support anyone feeling not good enough, held back, or limited by their health. Since being diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency (early menopause) at the age of 30 I have had a particular passion for working with women of all ages experiencing peri/menopause.


I endeavour to support you to overcome the challenges and barriers presented at this time and to break down the stigma and taboo still associated with Menopause.

I have a strong belief that no matter what challenges people are facing personally, they can achieve success and growth in their professional lives. Through my coaching, I will help people to see their strengths, achieve their goals and make changes to become the best version of themselves yet.

Coaching Services

At Kirsty Chambers Coaching, I offer a range of services designed to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. My services include personalised coaching sessions, goal setting and action planning, and ongoing support to help you stay on track. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.

Leadership coaching

Whether your new to leadership, an old hand or an organisation looking to develop better leaders, our leadership modules and packages will take you to the next level.

lifestyle coaching

For those feeling stuck, unmotivated, like you need a change or you need help to set and achieve your goals ...

organisational developlment

Supporting organisations and their people going through periods of transformation

i'm not sure  

Knowing where to start is confusing. Does it start from home or in the workplace? Is it hormonal or situation related? 

Therapy Session
Reiki Therapy

Don't just take my word for it

"Kirsty's warm and welcoming made me feel comfortable and safe. Her professional and personal experience is outstanding, and I felt heard and helped. Working with Kirsty is an amazing experience especially when you're experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms and have no idea what's hapening. She helped me to overcome some personal challenges." - Gia

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